11067608_10203866622969900_5308613229094742263_n (1)Hi everyone, my name is Ken and I love beer! This passion of mine has lead me to take up homebrewing as a hobby, and it has been one of the most rewarding hobbies I’ve ever experienced. For more information about me and how I came to love beer so much, check out my first blog post: “Lighting The Fire – How I Got Started.”

My mission in creating this blog is to help beer lovers learn about how beer is made and how they can make amazing beer for themselves! From the aspiring homebrewer to the seasoned expert, my hope is for this website to create a community of beer lovers who can learn from and share with each other.

I am excited to share the knowledge I have gained about beer and homebrewing, and I hope you will share your knowledge as others through the comments sections on my blog posts! I will start by sharing three blog series:

These three series will provide basic information that homebrewers and beer enthusiasts of any experience level can find helpful. In addition to providing basic information about brewing, I will be sharing reviews and recipes from my own homebrews as well as some blog posts on easy DIY beer equipment!

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